We supply a range of wipee suitable for all your cleaning and sanitising needs and applications.

Our alcohol base wipes are available in tubs which contain >70% IPA and soft packs (>75% IPA).    Wipes in sealable packs  are an ideal solution for cleaning and sanitising at home or in the workplace

Our non-Alcohol products are an effective alternative for those who are sensitive to or prefer not to use alcohol products.  Quaternary ammonium-carrying disinfectants have proven effective against enveloped viruses and Gram + (positive) and Gram – (negative) types of bacteria 

These kind of disinfectants, although classified as a low level type of disinfectant, has the distinct characteristic of carrying a powerful positive charge which works excellently with surfaces that are negatively-charged, the reason disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium compounds are best for walls, furniture, floors and other surfaces which come into contact with people and become susceptible to acquisition of germs. 

Non-Alcohol Sanitisers

Wipes Non-Alcohol Tub (70 wipes)

$10.95 + GST

Wipes-Alcohol and Non Alcohol

IPA Wipes 75% alcolhol

$9.20 + GST
Wholesale Sanitisers for Business, Schools, Public Sector & Government Agencies We work with public sector businesses every day, providing a simple way of ordering hand sanitiser without advance payment via our dedicated wholesale website.