Wipes Non-alcohol Soft Pack (50-wipes)

$8.95 + GST

Pack Of 50PCs Non-Alcohol Wipes Antiseptic Disinfection  for sensitive skin

Our antibacterial  wipes are a gentle and effective formula that cleans, sanitises and effectively kill germs and other bacteria. They are premium pre-moistened spun lace towels for cleaning and sanitising most surfaces. Our wipes are gently scentered and safe to use in your office, while out shopping or even in the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for those who react to alcohol based sanitisers.

Quaternary ammonium-carrying disinfectants have proven effective against enveloped viruses and Gram + (positive) and Gram – (negative) types of bacteria but are ineffective against fungi, non-enveloped viruses and bacterial spores, including bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

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