Introducing the Hand Sanitisers and Sprays

The Sanitise Store has range of Australian made hand sanitiser spray and gel, branded as Sunsate Sanitiser.  These products come in easy to use flip or spray bottles and also bulk 5 litre containers. We can also supply 10 and 15 litre containers on request.  We also have a number of imported products which offer an economic alternative.

The WHO recommends hand sanitiser containing 70% alcohol to effective in killing 99.9% of germs & bacteria. All of our product contains a minimum of 70% IPA or Ethanol, see product description for more details.

Our sprays can also be sprayed on hard and soft surfaces and into the air to disinfect. perfect solution when there a lot of surfaces to sanitise quickly and efficiently.  Perfect for sanitising surfaces quickly and efficiently.  Bar counters, dining tables, touch screens, ATM’s, gaming machines, point of sale and receptions, decontaminated in a breeze.

ALCOHOL RUB  or gel is a highly active waterless hand sanitizer formulated for cleaning and disinfecting of hands. Its neutral pH makes it safe on skin and leaves a moisturized and fresh sensation after use. With  more than 70% in Ethanol.

ALCOHOL RUB kills 99.9% of germs.

Our range includes 30ml, 50ml, 100ml flip and spray, 500ml Pump and 1 and 5 Litre bottles

We also supply retail, hotels, clubs and Government wholesale