How coronavirus can spread on public transport

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Unsettling 3D simulations have underlined the risk of catching coronavirus on public transport, and why capacity on trains and buses have been slashed in NSW.An infected passenger talking on public transport can spray and coat others with microscopic droplets which can transmit the deadly virus, University of Oregon research found.Graphic visualisations show just how easily coronavirus can spread and move through the air in confined spaces, like public transport, offices and restaurants.

The models underline why maintaining safe social distancing is so crucial, to stop the spread of COVID-19.”If you are breathing and talking obviously droplets don’t travel as far, but they can travel far enough to affect your friend sitting opposite you, or someone who’s chatting to you,” University of Leicester respiratory scientist Dr Julian Tang told the BBC.”That’s the key distance. How far do [infected droplets] have to travel to infect someone else?”

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